• Preparation and E-filing of your company's annual accounts
  • E-filing of Corporation Tax Return (CT600) with the HMRC
  • Live support for accounting services via phone and email
  • Free user-friendly accounting software
  • Free review service for your accounts

Payroll Service
The easy way to do payroll


  • Free E-filing facility for, in-year and end-of-the-year forms
    (P14, P35)
  • User-friendly, record maintenance in the format required
    by the HMRC
  • Comprehensive payroll software
  • Effortless, online employee record creation and maintenance
  • Easy recording of weekly / monthly, salary / wage payments
  • Effortless tax code editing
  • Current and previous year views

Payroll accounting deals with the process of paying employees for services they have provided. According to UK tax regulations, there are severe penalties for improper or inadequate collection of payroll taxes and payment of wages. These penalties include high fines and can also result in imprisonment.

Accounts Centre offers an unbeatable payroll service, with an efficient software InfiniPayroll and a timely E-filing facility.

As a limited time offer, if you E-file 2008-09 PAYE returns before or by the given date, using our payroll service, you will get a £75 refund from the HMRC. This means that after proper E-filing of your 2008-09 PAYE returns, our payroll service will cost you only £25 *

This attractive offer is for small employers only, as outlined by the HMRC guidelines. In order to use this offer, you must file your returns online by the given due date. Accounts Centre helps you do this through InfiniPayroll software solution, which:

  • Creates and maintains complete online records of all employees
  • Provides comprehensive view of your previous year's records
  • Records weekly and/or monthly salary and wage payouts
  • Files in-year and end-of-year forms
  • Provides free review of the accounts that you maintain online
  • Offers live support for accounting services through phone and email

Please note that you need to E-file your returns before or by the given date. So act fast and sign up with Infini Payroll service to begin maintaining your entire payroll records in a hassle-free manner.

* Only applicable if E-filing is done before or by the given date for 2008-09.

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