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Periodically, you may be required to give details of any changes occurring in the company, to Companies House. These include any changes in the directors and secretaries. You may choose to edit the information on our site directly, where the changes will be electronically processed, and the required information will be dispatched to Companies House.

Form 287

This form must be filled with information relevant to the company and registered or official office address. Since the address will be used to dispatch correspondence material and forms by the Companies House and other government institutions and private individuals and organisations, it is recommended that the directors ensure that Companies House has an updated record of all company information.

Form 288a

All members on the board of directors and company secretaries are required to fill in this form individually and deliver it to Companies House annually. All required information is important and must be supplied without reservations, the directors are specifically instructed to enter their date of birth and sign at the bottom of the form.


To commence trading officially, you should apply with a banking institution for a favourable account, which will assist you in managing your cash flow in the manner that you find appreciable. To apply, you will need to present some documentation to show your intention to use the bank account and especially in maintaining fair play and avoiding any inappropriate activity.

Most banks also ensure that their client has a sound credit ranking with other organisations. Where a new company is in concern, the credibility of the directors and their previous may be investigated to ensure that they are not held back in an unwarranted situation.

To open an account with a reputed bank, contact us for the relevant information and service to arrange a constructive agreement between your company and the bank. If your credit rating falls short of the requirement, do not worry. We can devise a solution to fit your requirement.

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