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Ready-made companies We hold a large stock of ready-made UK Companies with suitably drafted business objects ready for immediate transfer and which are certified not to have traded. All o ur companies are able to trade in virtually any area of business, irrespective of the name. We generally hold in excess of 250 ready-made companies the names of which change daily.


No need for signatures !
No need for delivery of paper forms !
Appointment of you as first director (s)
Faster electronic formations
Low cost formation service only £50
Company Name

We form companies with you as the first directors, and shareholders, other agents form companies using agent director (s) then resign and transfer the shares to your directors. The presence of these agent directors and shareholders leads to confusion and delay when opening bank accounts, or anything involving credit transactions for your company like opening a merchant account or lease arrangements. The reason is that anyone doing a search of your company will find the first shareholders were not yourselves but the agent, they will then ask proof from yourselves that the shares have been transferred to yourselves, to confirm that you are in fact the owner of the company. We form CLEAN COMPANIES you are appointed as director (s) and shareholder at the outset. It means no other director or shareholder other than the ones you appoint will appear in the company registry.




UK Company Formation specialises in providing company formation, registration and administration processes for all business types and sizes throughout the United Kingdom. In addition, we facilitate our clients in incorporating their businesses and manage their statutory affairs.

We have been pioneers in supplying high rated quality services to our clients throughout the years, and now have ventured to give you the same via the Internet and active 24 hours a day. Our staffs of specialists are always available for continuous online help and query management.

We provide you with the best formation, management and administrative facilities with minimal effort and maximum time efficiency and productivity.

Our clients vary from small, individual businesses to large corporate multinationals. Whatever your objective and business nature, our personnel are equipped with thorough understanding of the latest global economic situation and have all the necessary tools and techniques to get you gliding smoothly to your destination.

If you are a personal finance service provider to UK businesses and individuals or just interested on how to elevate your business structure and status, UK Company Formation has the solution that you have always wanted.

Need a solicitor or professional services advisor?

UK Company Formation is specialised in the formation and management of companies in UK and has among the best for legal, financial and other professional services of overseas clients:

  • Investments in Group Companies
  • Trading Companies
  • Insurance Companies & Captives
  • Commercial Shipping & Aviation
  • Private Yachts
  • Mutual Funds
  • Property Companies

To find out more about the services we have to offer, contact us on the addresses below.


For information on the above, please email us at:
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Call: +44 (0)207 255 2557

UK Company Formations offers specialized online company formation services across the United Kingdom and various offshore jurisdictions, with consistently good quality service and economical pricing.

You can get all your company formalities and requirements, from initial formation proceedings, statutory and administrative, to a complete running and functional company, managed at UK COMPANY FORMATIONS, with the minimum of your time and effort.

Using UK Company Formations services, means that no director or shareholder name(s) other than the ones you appoint, will appear in the company registry.

Offshore Services
Through its sister concern, Offshore Center, UK Company Formations offers a full range of services including offshore company formation, offshore bank account opening and advise regarding setting up of trusts and estate planning.

UK Company Formations has been a pioneer in Offshore Finance and corporate management services and has formed numerous companies for private individuals as well as multi-national corporations. UK Company Formations maintains a team of Attorneys and Professional Advisers for Formation and Registration of Companies, both within the UK as well as in other offshore financial centers.

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Premium Companies
Great company names
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